Swampbug meets the Frogs by Riks Laguinte featuring Sweet Irene

Introducing my new favorite album: Swampbug meets the Frogs by Riks Laguinte featuring Sweet Irene. This France-based record has an indie-trip hip hop mixture which gives this collection an original sound. Featuring artists from around the world, lots of artistic minds collaborated in making this inventive album. Sweet Irene was introduced to Remix Co. a [...]



Kristoffer, is an Artist, based out of Pittsburgh, who has phenomenal work and online comic . I met him my first year of art school and have been following his work since. Everytime I time I see his work I’m inspired to work even harder on my illustrations. So here are some of his pieces I hope [...]


Chaos Rings review

So recently I have been playing a rpg on my Android phone. The name of this game is Chaos Rings, and it was developed by Square-Enix. The bases of the game is you are a warrior and his partner who have been mysteriously teleported to an ark to fight for their lives. Gameplay: The gameplay [...]

Christmas is here!

For those of you who like Christmas music, here is a list of a few of my favorite Christmas songs this season. They range in genres so hopefully there’s a couple you enjoy! “Last Christmas” by Florence and the Machine This indie rock band does a great job covering the normally pop-y “Last Christmas,” one [...]


Dragon’s Dogma Review

  So let me start of the fact that I am huge RPG fan. Dragon’s Dogma is a RPG developed by Capcom for the PS3 and XBox 360. The setting for the games is a medieval fantasy world that’s inhabited by goblins, cyclopes, etc, pretty much your typical monsters.   Dragon’s Dogma’s high point is [...]

The hooded

Here is a illustration that I came up with one late night. The piece originally was created with paper and pencil, then was scanned into the computer to be finished with Photoshop. The hardest part of this piece was to figure when to stop. I always see points where I can continue on the pieces [...]


I would like to take the time to say thank you to the people taking the time to check out site. This site will grow to be a place where you can find news about things that interest you. As we become bigger expect to see post on: Young Adult culture, Gaming news, work from [...]