Dragon’s Dogma Review


So let me start of the fact that I am huge RPG fan. Dragon’s Dogma is a RPG developed by Capcom for the PS3 and XBox 360. The setting for the games is a medieval fantasy world that’s inhabited by goblins, cyclopes, etc, pretty much your typical monsters.


Dragon’s Dogma’s high point is the gameplay and the customization, unlike most eastern RPG, follows the western style of gameplay but expands on it. For example all the battles happen on the same environments that the exploration happen on. The battles mostly play like Monster Hunter (another Capcom title) but what differentiates them is when you battle with larger monsters like the Hydra and Cyclopes. When you are battling these larger monsters the strategies become endless, from the ability to climb up the monster to stab them in there back, to a well place arrow to the eye, to chopping off a head a cauterizing it with flame so it won’t grow back.

Also the difficulty contributes to the game play some what.The game doesn’t give you visual indicators on how strong your enemies are, this is conveyed through spoken cues from your party members. This itself will sometimes lead you into a fight with a monster that you’ll find out is to strong which will require at that point to make a run for it and struggle for survival which in itself is surprisingly fun.  But on the downside as you progress moments like these happen less and less. And by the second play through these moments are almost completely gone.

Now to speak on the subject of customization, this game makes them count. If you make a big bulky character with muscles he’ll be able to carry more weight, where as a small character can move faster and fit in holes that others can’t. Every piece of armor you equip changes your appearance. And your party, if online enabled, is made up of  pawns, which are players created sidekicks from around the world. Then there’s the class system, which  has your basics; Fighter, Mage, and Archer. But then there’s is hybrids Like the Archer mixed with Mage, Fighter mixed with Archer, or even Mage mixed with Fighter, each class also changes the way the game is played partially.

The downside to the game is the story, or the lack there of. The story seems like its just there to pop up here and there just to push the story along. There isn’t any deep character development on this front. The mission don’t really seem to tie into. The only sense of a story I actually feel is there is the missions that deal with the cult you run into in the game.

All in all Dragon’s Dogma is a game if your looking for a game that’ll take hours upon hours to finish, and that is action packed I believe this game is for you. If anything I recommend at least renting so you can see the magic of it.


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