Exoprimal Full Release Info

Exoprimal is a team-based action game where players take on the role of Exofighters, equipped with powerful mechanized suits, to battle hordes of dinosaurs. The game will launch on July 14, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Here is some of the full release info for Exoprimal:

  • Missions without direct combat between players: In these missions, players work together to complete objectives and defeat waves of dinosaurs. Victory is determined by clearing the objectives as quickly as possible.
  • Cutscenes and an Analysis Map: Players can explore Exoprimal’s story and the mysteries surrounding Leviathan and parallel worlds through cutscenes and an Analysis Map.
  • Story-related missions in Dino Survival: These missions are part of the game’s story and provide players with more context about the world of Exoprimal.
  • 10-player co-op missions: These missions allow players to team up with up to nine other players to complete objectives and defeat dinosaurs.
  • A variety of maps: Exoprimal features a variety of maps, each with its own unique challenges.
  • 5-player missions that rotate weekly: These missions are available for a limited time each week. Players can compete for the fastest completion time on the global leaderboards.
  • Equipment called Modules: Modules allow players to customize their exosuits with new abilities and features.
  • Exosuit skins, weapon skins, decals, emotes, and other cosmetic options: Players can customize their exosuits and weapons with a variety of skins, decals, and other cosmetic options.
  • In-game medals and awards: Players can earn medals and awards for completing certain challenges, such as blocking a certain amount of damage as a Tank suit

They are also planning more for post launch:

  • Exosuit variants: There are multiple variants of each Exosuit, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. For example, the Deadeye Exosuit can be equipped with a burst-fire rifle that can also be used as a shotgun.
  • Seasonal updates: Capcom plans to release regular seasonal updates that will add new content to the game, such as new Exosuits, new maps, and new modes.
  • Collaborations with other Capcom titles: Capcom has plans to collaborate with other Capcom titles to bring new content to Exoprimal. For example, there may be a collaboration with Devil May Cry that adds a new Exosuit that resembles Vergil.


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