Under the Radar Artist: Sweet Irene

Kim Irene aka Sweet Irene started off in the music business in her early 20’s when she moved to Los Angeles, CA. Irene’s worked was the theme song for Sundance 2001’s first digitally projected feature “Somebody.” And more recently, has had placements on various TV and reality shows including Model’s of the Runway and MTV’s “Teen Cribs.” Most recently her new band Sugarpump laces up the soundtrack for the London based and award winning independent film “Throw Of A Dice,” in which she landed a voice over credit as well as her band being featured in the movie.

Kim Irene’s hard work is so inspiring and her music is uplifting. This is one music artist definitely worth checking out. Her music ranges from trip hop to rock, incorporating several musical sounds unique to this artist. Once you start listening to her music you’re hooked.

There are several stellar artists and producers Kim Irene has collaborated or been in bands with including: Rafael Moriera (Magnetico), R&B singer Jon B., WB engineer Justin Smith, Ida Nielsen (Bassida of Zap Mama), Karma Sutra Theory, G-muva (Sugarlicks NZ), Haj, Stephen Levintin aka The Apple Juice Kid, and her latest band Sugarpump.

Here is her latest video from her band Sugarpump- “Diamonds Get Lost”

For more information on Sweet Irene check out her site at: www.sweetirenemuse.com
and her band at: www.sugarpump.co.uk

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