Chaos Rings review

So recently I have been playing a rpg on my Android phone. The name of this game is Chaos Rings, and it was developed by Square-Enix. The bases of the game is you are a warrior and his partner who have been mysteriously teleported to an ark to fight for their lives.



The gameplay in Chaos Rings is solid if you like classic JRPGs. The battle system is turn base, which your characters can act with either normal attack, skills, items or pair attacks. There is also a flow a battle gauge, which determines the strength of you and your enemies, that is effected by damage taken, status effects, and amount of attacks landed. The battle system is what kept me interested since the random battles always seemed balanced, I rarely over powered my opponents. Well that is because you can choose the level of the random battle monsters. And with sticking with the way of the old school JRPG, this game has puzzles that aren’t to hard but not to easy, as well as a nice variety of them. Which some build on the previous.



The story isn’t one of Square-Enix’s strongest, but it keeps you going. The story is told from multiple perspectives. Each with a different outcome. Each couple has a pretty fleshed out background story from what I have seen so far with the characters I have played as. The pacing for the story also works relatively well being a phone game. The cut scenes don’t drag on, they seem to be the perfect amount of time, which helps deliver the story.


In closing Chaos Rings is a bit pricey but well worth it if you’re a fan of Square-Enix rpgs. I recommend give it a try if your looking for a hard-core style rpg for your iphone or android.



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