Swampbug meets the Frogs by Riks Laguinte featuring Sweet Irene

Introducing my new favorite album: Swampbug meets the Frogs by Riks Laguinte featuring Sweet Irene. This France-based record has an indie-trip hip hop mixture which gives this collection an original sound. Featuring artists from around the world, lots of artistic minds collaborated in making this inventive album.

Sweet Irene was introduced to Remix Co. a little over a year ago and it’s cool to see her path as an artist. Sweet Irene currently has her music played in the background of various TV and reality shows including “Models of the Runway” and MTV’s “Teen Cribs.”

What I like most about listening to any of Sweet Irene’s music is that each of her songs tells intriguing stories from what is going on with the world to more personal stories about her life. Many of her songs make me look back and reflect on the way I look at life and how to make it better. For me, this album gives lots of positivity and hope.

Two videos from Swampbug meets the Frogs are out already, “Bought you for Gold” and “Inside Out.” The next video to be released soon is one of Sweet Irene’s favorites called “Solo.” These are great videos and I look forward to seeing more!

The first music video from the album “Bought you for Gold”

“Inside Out” has a cool, movie-style video that is fun to watch and hear.

This album is available to purchase on iTunes:

For more information on Sweet Irene check out her site at: www.sweetirenemuse.com


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