FF7 Rebirth Demo Just Got Even Bigger! New Playable Area Added Today!

Dive into Junon, explore with Chocobos, and experience new combat in the latest FF7 Rebirth demo update.

With just one week left until the highly anticipated launch of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, Square Enix has released a major update to the game’s demo, titled “Dawn of a New Era in Junon.” This free update expands upon the previously available demo, “Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim,” giving players a taste of the vast and vibrant world that awaits them in the 2024’s most anticipated game, according to The Game Awards.

Explore a slice of the world map: The Junon section allows players to explore a small but representative portion of the full game’s world map. Saddle up on a trusty chocobo to sniff out treasures, use the new Item Transmuter to craft valuable items, and embark on exciting Combat Assignment missions.

Experience new features: This demo update showcases some of the new features players can expect in the full game, including:

  • World map exploration: Freely roam a section of the world map, encountering various environments and landmarks.
  • Chocobo riding: Traverse the world map on the back of a chocobo, uncovering hidden secrets and treasures.
  • Item Transmuter: Craft valuable items using materials gathered throughout your adventure.
  • Combat Assignments: Take on optional missions that offer challenges and rewards.
  • Character interactions: Witness the growing bonds between Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII through dialogue and combat.

Prepare for launch: Downloading the now two-part demo is the perfect way to gear up for the February 29th launch of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. Players who complete the Nibelheim section will receive exclusive rewards for the full game, including the Kupo Charm accessory and the Survival Set item pack. They can also choose to skip the Nibelheim section when starting the full game.

Limited-time bonus: As an added treat, players can experience a special FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH crossover event in the popular mobile RPG FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS. This event lets players relive the Mt. Nibel incident and earn valuable in-game rewards.

Don’t miss your chance to explore the world of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH before its official launch! Download the free demo today and prepare for an unforgettable adventure.


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